I’ve never had any luck. Infact, my entire life has been plagued by bad luck. It just follows me around like a bad smell. I was born unlucky, and it’s followed me around ever since. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not bitter and I wouldn’t swap my life for the world, but couldn’t I have... Read More »
It is said that life crawled up from the slime of the sea-bottoms and became ‘Human’ because of some inherent greatness that was bred into us before the dawn of time. But perhaps this urge was not as formless as we might have first... Read More »
How would you spend the last few moments of your existence? Would it be with the one you love? And more importantly. What we would vote as the best song ever to celebrate the end of the... Read More »
The most important thing about the ‘Cornucopia Olympic Special’ is not just to produce ‘Good Audio’, but to produce ‘Great Audio’, just as the most important thing in life is not the noise, but the sound. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have recorded... Read More »
Our story takes place the night before Christmas, outside the magical and wondrous structure that is Santa’s Workshop. It is a scene of busy preparation and anticipation, as a year’s worth of hard work finally comes to... Read More »
Credits: Read by Emma Cuckson. Written By: Charles Gosden This work is released under a Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported license   Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo? I know wherefore! Down the tavern with is mates, that’s wherefore! ’Did you see the game last night’! Quoits this, quoits that! Pro-celebrity bloody quoits! He knows exactly what... Read More »
Tuesday night is ‘Gamblers Anonymous’; taking place within a community centre in an old forgotten pit village. Paul, an ex-miner runs the group along with Glenn, a tall man with a short temper. Clive has found himself amongst them on the advice of his solicitor, and Adam? Well, Adam isn’t sure if he wants to... Read More »
I suppose it was inevitable, me ending up here in this police cell. You might even say it was my destiny. You see ever since I was small, I’ve loved stories of heroes and magicians who’ve escaped from impossible places and incredible situations. Now here I am, inside such a place. It’s a bit ironic... Read More »
Jenny is standing in her bedroom, cleaning a pair of walking boots. She is in her under-slip. There is a mirror, a small table, a rail of clothing and a double bed. A long nighty is on top of the bed and underneath it, sits a small cardboard box. She patiently waits for her husband... Read More »
“Martians Never Die” is the next in our series of updated radio sci-fi pieces from the forties and fifties. Re-recorded with new actors, modern sound effects and atmospheric music. During these productions we try to stick to the original script as closely as possible; in-turn seeking to create modern, yet strangely old fashioned pieces of... Read More »
Poison is on the stereo, the guitar is plugged into the console and the biscuit-tin is all but empty. This is “Biscuits for Tea“, the story of two young flatmates who have recently left university and now find themselves considering what life might have in store next. Faced with broken relationships, dead end jobs, empty... Read More »
It was a long, late night and Julie finds herself being woken up from a dreamworld by Karen, her best friend since childhood. Together, on this bright morning they will discuss many things, including their past, present and future. And maybe they’ll find out why Julie left the front door... Read More »