I’ve never had any luck. Infact, my entire life has been plagued by bad luck. It just follows me around like a bad smell. I was born unlucky, and it’s followed me around ever since. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not bitter and I wouldn’t swap my life for the world, but couldn’t I have... Read More »
It is said that life crawled up from the slime of the sea-bottoms and became ‘Human’ because of some inherent greatness that was bred into us before the dawn of time. But perhaps this urge was not as formless as we might have first... Read More »
They are stories of heroism, strength and of courage. Stories in which one person can stand up against the darkness that surrounds us, and say with total conviction and self-belief; that they are the ‘light’. We see pages full of colour and life, in which kinetic action moves across the panels. Dancing in front of... Read More »
How would you spend the last few moments of your existence? Would it be with the one you love? And more importantly. What we would vote as the best song ever to celebrate the end of the... Read More »
While a backyard tree bellows silently in the wind; Barbara Knox attends her husband David’s crematorium service. Naturally she is sad but also secretly, a little angry.  You see, there are unresolved issues between the two of them and questions that still remain unanswered. However as we will soon discover; David’s story isn’t yet over.... Read More »
Four panelists race against a time limit of just three minutes to reach a destination. They begin from different starting points and use an assortment of companions, objects and modes of transport, but they must keep everything together with them when they... Read More »
Dylan and Blodwyn are sat on a Welsh mountainside about to start their weekly picnic. However the picnic basket remains closed, and we can only but guess what they’ve brought along to eat. Who knows, perhaps they’ve forgotten to bring anything at all? It’s happened before. They’ve been sat in silence for some time now.... Read More »
Long ago when the universe was young. Alicia Harker, the Twelfth Daughter of Destiny, took the mettle of a dead god and forged it into a bronze hand. That hand would bestow good fortune on anyone who owned it. She then discarded it by a roadside, where it might be found and passed from person... Read More »
From the legendary ‘City of Steel’ comes a little stripped down radio satire; tackling the big issues of the day with wit, wisdom and an old radio ‘Sound Effects’ LP from 1982 that we found at a car boot. Join us as we take a deeper look at a beleaguered NHS and Rail Network. Visit... Read More »
Life is full of stories, and whether we like it or not, they happen to us every day. Yes, these stories might sometimes turn out to be life changing events by themselves, but most of the time their impact is felt much smaller. This does not however lessen their importance. In fact, wouldn’t it be... Read More »
Stereotypes are an unfortunate part of our world and very hard to avoid. So let’s confront them directly and whilst we’re doing that, why don’t we play a little game together and see if we all share the same little petty viewpoints about people we know nothing about? The rules are simple. We’re going to... Read More »
Spring is a magical time of year; when bountiful possibility appears in front of us, and everything is reborn brand new. So to celebrate the start of the season, we’ve created a lush soundscape, mixing classical spring poetry, sounds of nature and amazing instrumental musical pieces. It’s all designed to take you to a place... Read More »