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Four panelists race against a time limit of just three minutes to reach a destination. They begin from different starting points and use an assortment of companions, objects and modes of transport, but they must keep everything together with them when they travel. They must also overcome their opponent, provided by another panelist, who will fire off obstacles to try and stop them.ukpodcasts

Presented by James Cottle
Format created by Henry Fosdike
Produced by Samuel Hutchinson
Writers: James Cottle, Samuel Hutchinson, David Ruddock & David Wylie
Theme tune by Matthew Reynolds
Logo by Sean Tracey




S03E06: No Search Results Found (7th June)

Little Racey SearchIn a stunning development, Google has totally disappeared. Even Bing can’t find it! Within hours, hacker collective Anonymous have posted a ransom video to YouTube, complete with radical spinning skull icons, demanding one billion dollars. Knowing there’s only one web directory nobody has tried yet; our comedy improv teams decide to locate ‘Archie’, the world’s first search engine housed in the ancient caverns below central Montreal. Can they save Google before it’s too late?

You Can See Us?

Presented by James Cottle. With Tom Harrison, Pip MasonChris Cosentino and Darell Robson


S03E05: Bag Boys, Bag Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do? (17th May)

BagBoys SQIt’s a dark day for the staff at ‘Falkirk Morrisons Supermarket’! Someone has taken a plastic bag without paying 5p for it! This injustice will not stand, but luckily the government has put tracking devices on all the bags in order to catch these devious bandits. So our comedy improv teams are heading to ‘La Paz’ in Bolivia to retrieve the requisite payment.

You Can See Us?

Presented by James Cottle. With Tom Harrison, Hugh ClarkDavid Ruddock and Tamar Broadbent


S03E04: Irrational Treasures (26th April)

Irrational Treasures SQIt looks like ‘The National Treasure Society’ has given up any pretence and announced they’ve just been randomly handing out the title of “National Treasure” to people on the telly whose only claim to fame is being ‘lovely’. However, their National Treasure assigning machine has broken and has bestowed the title to Kevin James, star of “Paul Blart: Mall Cop”, and other such terrible, terrible films. So our comedy-improv teams are off to his home in Beverly Hills, hoping to intercept the official telegram for the dignity of the entire UK!

You Can See Us?

Presented by James Cottle. With Tom Harrison, Jo D’Arcy, Chris Cosentino and Joe Thompson


S03E03: No Train, No Gain! (5th April)

No Train No GainThe American & British governments are coming together to unveil their latest global achievement; a Transatlantic Express Rail service that sends passengers shooting across the ocean between the two countries. One problem though, they have yet to put any brakes on the locomotives, and the first departure is in three minutes! So our comedy improv teams are heading to the terminal in Cornwall as fast as they can to help fix the problem!

You Can See Us?

Presented by James Cottle. With Tom Harrison, David Wylie, Pip Mason and Jonny Syer


S03E02: Oh, The Hu-Manatee! (15th March)

HumanateeSqWhat did you say? The careless keepers at Berlin Zoo have left the gates wide open at the manatee enclosure? Meaning the majestic aquatic beasts have made a break for freedom and are now halfway up the Autobahn, causing all kinds of motor vehicle-based shenanigans? Well, it looks like our ‘comedy improv’ teams are off to Berlin to help round them all up!

You Can See Us?

Presented by James Cottle. With Tom Harrison, David Ruddock, Philip Sharman and Lou Conran


S03E01: Epic Grail (16th Feb)

Epic Grail LogoA hairy historian believes he has discovered the whereabouts of the Holy Grail, the cup Jesus himself drank from at the last supper. With the promise of eternal life to whoever drinks from it, our comedy improv teams can’t wait to help him recover it. He entrusts all four of them with a map to it’s secret location; in the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in New York City.

Will our teams choose wisely?

You Can See Us?

Presented by James Cottle. With Tom Harrison, Tamar BroadbentCharlie Russell and David Alnwick


New Year Special (1st January 2016)

Little Racey New Year SquareIt looks like Barack Obama’s ‘New Years Eve Party’ got a little out of hand last night. Firstly, David Cameron and the rest of the lads all went for a cheeky Nandos and have left chicken bones all over the presidential bed. Also, somebody seems to have turned the ‘Oval Office’ into an ‘Isosceles Triangle’, and it looks like Vladimir Putin has projectile vomited all over the bust of George Washington!

But most worryingly of all; is the strange disappearance of Hilary Clinton. The only clue anybody can find is a selfie on her Facebook profile; taken in front of the ‘Taj Mahal’. So our comedy improv teams are heading to India to solve the mystery!

Presented by James Cottle. With Tom Harrison, Pip MasonDavid Wylie and Tamar Broadbentlinebreakcar

The Star Wars Special (17th December)

Little Racey Wars Sq

It’s the London premiere of “The Force Awakens” and tickets are only available for a privileged few, but what’s this? JJ Abrams is calling our teams on the phone. Could it be that their years of dedication to the franchise (both good, bad and holiday special) are finally paying off? You see, it turns out that some half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf-herder, has replaced the current cut of the film with one that inserts Jar Jar Binks into every scene! Surely only one person could love that CGI monstrosity so much. So JJ has asked our comedy improv teams to go to California and confront the actor that played him; Ahmed Best and help save the London premiere!

Help us “A Little Bit Racey” you’re our only hope…

Presented by James Cottle. With Tom Harrison, Pip Mason, Chris Mead and Jonathan Monkhouse


The Christmas Special (1st December)


It’s Christmas Eve and all around, everyone is safe and sound.
But what’s this? Has Father Christmas lost his mind?
A present has been left behind!
How did he even begin.
To forget about poor Tiny Tim?
This boy who lives in Brussels.
Is surely deserving of his action man with muscles.
Our comedy improv teams grab the doll and off they go.
To catch up with Santa, he’s over in Togo (hint: it’s in Africa)

Presented by James Cottle. With Tom HarrisonDavid RuddockAlex Sievewright and Tamar Broadbent


S02E08: One Thinks It’s All Over (7th April)


Her majesty the Queen has decided that for her next birthday, she wants to referee a football match. So today, the national teams of England and Germany prepare themselves in Wembley Stadium, eagerly watched by football enthusiasts and royalists alike. The whistle is blown, and the game is about to start. But what’s this? The Queen wasn’t able to get the Royal Football down from the roof of Buckingham Palace after Prince Harry kicked it up there? Yes, that’s right and our teams have been enlisted to go and fetch it. What an honour!

Presented by James Cottle. With Tom HarrisonDavid Alnwick, Hugh Clark and Harriet Dyer


S02E07: A Little Bit Wossy (31st March)

Wossy Button

In a recent shocking turn of events; ITV talk show host, Jonathan Ross, has been suspected of kidnapping his BBC predecessor, Graham Norton! It is claimed that “Wossy” is jealous of the Irishman’s superior guests, ratings and on-set upholstery, and is desperate to regain his old slot over on the beeb. However unbeknownst to them; a far more powerful force on the other side of the Atlantic has an even more devious plan for the chat show legends. Can our teams stop the potential ‘Chatocalypse’ in time?

Presented by James Cottle. With Tom Harrison, Pip Mason, David Wylie and Chris Cosentino.


S02E06: Top Gears of War (24th March)

Top Gears Of War

On the back of their numerous, increasingly controversial location-specific specials. The ‘Top Gear’ team are heading to delightful Canada for a country wide race. However, they’ve realized it’s far too polite a country to mine out any real controversy, and now the producers are breathing down their neck with the threat of cancellation. So we’re off to the test track in Surrey; as Jeremy Clarkson has gone insane and desperate to make headlines (fearing his career is on the line?) has threatened to break into Celine Dion’s house and punch her favorite pet moose in the face!

Presented by James Cottle. With Tom HarrisonJonny SyerDavid Ruddock and Darell Robson


 S02E05: The Big Nose Job (17th March)

Nose Button

The Eastern Architectural Society of Yemen, or EASY for short, have tasked our teams with the simple feat of tracking down the Sphinx’s lost nose. Word is that a map detailing the hooters location is hidden beneath the nose of another famous statue, having already checked out Lady Liberty and Nelson’s Column, EASY have tasked them to find the map hidden somewhere beneath the nose of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Adventure awaits!

Presented by James Cottle. With Tom HarrisonDavid Alnwick, Chris Cosentino and Harriet Dyer


S02E04: The McCartney Magical Mystery Tour (10th March)


Could it be? Is the rumour true that legendary band ‘The Beatles’, didn’t actually write any of their own music? Well, some old loon in Coventry has made the audacious claim that he actually penned all of their hits, and has launched a smear campaign against unforgettable rock icons Sir Paul McCartney and the other one (you know, he played the drums). Tired of seeing his good name dragged through the mud, Sir Paul has tasked our comedy improv team with a mission to try and silence this annoying pest. Permanently!

Presented by James Cottle. With Tom Harrison, Jo D’Arcy, Pip Mason and Jack Prankett


S02E03: Grandeur of Paris Hilton (3rd March)

Paris Hilton is having a difficult time wondering what new outfit will blow the crowds away at her next catwalk appearance and fortunately she has just heard of a new design by the mysterious and elusive designer known only as Grandourre. So she has hired our crack team of comedy improv experts to steal the outfit from his high security vault in the Banque de Tous le Monde in Paris.

Presented by James Cottle. With Tom HarrisonJonny Syer, David Wylie and Darell Robson


S02E02: We’re All Idris Together (24th Feb)

Little Racey Idris

As British cultural icons, the Doctor Who and James Bond franchises have decided to host a joint reveal of their next stars and they are, Idris Elba and Idris Elba!?!  The argument over who gets him is dissolving into a giant brawl, so our teams are heading off to help them break up the chaos. Hopefully arriving before Idris declines both offers and heads off to Hollywood to star in ‘Mandela 2: Long Walk to Vengeance’.

Presented by James Cottle. With Tom Harrison, David Ruddock, Jo D’Arcy and Elliot Green


S02E01: Brace Yourself, Larry King (17th Feb)


Legendary chat show host, Larry King, has called you, his trusted confidant and fluffer, for a favour. He wants his favourite pair of braces but can’t remember which of his 7 ex-wives he gave them to. So our teams are off to go to the annual Larry King Ex-Wife Convention in Hong-Kong to recover them. But elsewhere, the UK Space Agency is having a little problem with it’s rockets; could there possibly be a link between these two random events?

Presented by James Cottle. With Tom Harrison, David Ruddock, Will White and David Alnwick








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