Four panelists race against a time limit of just three minutes to reach a destination. They begin from different starting points and use an assortment of companions, objects and modes of transport, but they must keep everything together with them when they... Read More »
Dylan and Blodwyn are sat on a Welsh mountainside about to start their weekly picnic. However the picnic basket remains closed, and we can only but guess what they’ve brought along to eat. Who knows, perhaps they’ve forgotten to bring anything at all? It’s happened before. They’ve been sat in silence for some time now.... Read More »
Long ago when the universe was young. Alicia Harker, the Twelfth Daughter of Destiny, took the mettle of a dead god and forged it into a bronze hand. That hand would bestow good fortune on anyone who owned it. She then discarded it by a roadside, where it might be found and passed from person... Read More »
From the legendary ‘City of Steel’ comes a little stripped down radio satire; tackling the big issues of the day with wit, wisdom and an old radio ‘Sound Effects’ LP from 1982 that we found at a car boot. Join us as we take a deeper look at a beleaguered NHS and Rail Network. Visit... Read More »
Welcome to Budley! Although not visible on any map or satnav, this coastal “hamlet of no hope” is home to sporting champions, failed soap stars, fitness innovators and a whole host of unique characters, who once met; are never forgotten. Also whilst we want you to enjoy your stay in Budley, we accept no responsibility... Read More »
For centuries man has been fascinated by stories and once in a while, when the stars align, out of the rich tapestry of yarns comes a legend. This is The Legend of Nic and... Read More »
In the winter of 2007, under conditions of utmost secrecy, BBC managers created a now mothballed sister station for ‘Radio 4’. Supposed to be a fresh start, a bolder, less middle-class approach to talk radio, it all went terribly wrong. Evan Davies lost a leg, Charlotte Green needed counseling and Marcus Brigstocke was never seen... Read More »
Across the farthest reaches of the galaxy, a great evil empire has arisen. One which threatens the existence of every living creature in the entire cosmos. Never before has there been such a need for heroes to stand up and make a difference; because only those most noble of heart & strong in spirit can... Read More »
Imagine a world without consequence. A world in which your actions no longer lead directly to your death. A world in which our specially trained team monitor you every minute of every day, and if we think you’re about to have an accident, we freeze time; fill out the required paperwork, charge you a standard... Read More »
The most important thing about the ‘Cornucopia Olympic Special’ is not just to produce ‘Good Audio’, but to produce ‘Great Audio’, just as the most important thing in life is not the noise, but the sound. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have recorded... Read More »
Declan Deck has invented something which he feels will change the very nature of what we consider ‘standing’ and what we consider ‘sitting’. He calls it an ‘easy-to-erect-and-collapse-one-size-fits-all-canvas-covered-chair’ (although he’s flexible on future name... Read More »
Our story takes place the night before Christmas, outside the magical and wondrous structure that is Santa’s Workshop. It is a scene of busy preparation and anticipation, as a year’s worth of hard work finally comes to... Read More »