When her son Tony, a comprehensive school Teacher, is sent to prison for abusing one of his 14 year old female pupils, his mother Christine is plunged into a nightmare.

Set against the backdrop of her visits and letters post sentence, her confusion soon turns to anger as she is forced to examine her true feelings for her only child as his denial and minimization brings with it a realization that their relationship must change if it is to survive the sentence and beyond….


Caroline Cooper as Christine
Jonathan Syer as Tony
Ian Carter as Dominic

Credits: Written by Paul Kenny. Sound Engineering by Robin Downe.  Edited & Produced by Peter Beeston
Music Tracks: I Cried by Davide Raia, Rainy Day by Alexander Franke, Sappho by Javolenus, Thank You by Javolenus, Bm100 by Javolenus, The Pond by Opus Opium and Mellow Acoustic by Javolenus
This work is released under a Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported license

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