For centuries man has been fascinated by stories and once in a while, when the stars align, out of the rich tapestry of yarns comes a legend. This is The Legend of Nic and... Read More »
In the winter of 2007, under conditions of utmost secrecy, BBC managers created a now mothballed sister station for ‘Radio 4’. Supposed to be a fresh start, a bolder, less middle-class approach to talk radio, it all went terribly wrong. Evan Davies lost a leg, Charlotte Green needed counseling and Marcus Brigstocke was never seen... Read More »
Well, we did it! On Saturday the 30th of October, as part of the ‘Off the Shelf’ festival, the ‘Cornucopia Radio Show’ was broadcast live from the Sheffield Winter Gardens, for 6 hours between 11am and 5pm. The day featured poets, storytellers, comedians, performers, actors, musicians, singers and local amateur dramatic groups. Yes, it was... Read More »
Sophie cannot finish her dinner, she says she’s eaten enough. Sophie’s trying to make herself thinner. Says she’s eating too much and her brother says, “You’re joking,” and her mother’s heart is broken. Sophie has a hard time coping and besides; Sophie’s hoping… She can be like all the other... Read More »
The gods think they can do what they want with us. They make shit for us and we’re supposed to deal with it. But you forget, we’ve also been given free will to express what we want and when we want it. We say this because we do not accept your court, we do not... Read More »
‘Fractured Lives’ explores how the First World War literally fractured lives. The war’s many casualties were not just amongst the dead. There were the men maimed and disabled with scars that would blight the rest of their lives. The play also has resonance for the present day, as wars and international conflicts continue to fracture... Read More »
The following show contains violent scenes, acts of a sexual nature and strong language throughout. It might also contain flashing imagery and small traces of nuts. It is unsuitable for children, pets, old people, pregnant mothers, gay people, straight people, bisexual people, white people, black people, people of any skin colour, people with skin, people... Read More »
On this weeks radio show, We host a panel discussion to ask if we really are too soft on them. Maybe they need locking up and the key throwing away. Then the key finding again, and then burying in concrete; then sent into space and finally back in time. At this point we should go... Read More »
Due to an accident involving a decapitated head and copy of the ‘Oxford English Dictionary’; this weeks ‘Cornucopia Radio Show’ has been cancelled and replaced with a drama set in a small Welsh weaving shed looking at the events leading up to the abdication of Edward VIII through the eyes of a professional footballer and... Read More »
This week we present a dramatised audio re-enactment of the Second World War. Recorded entirely in and around the ‘Meadowhall Shopping Centre’. Hitler annexes Primark and WH Smith’s. Chamberlain tells him to stay out of Tesco’s. Hitler’s 8th Panzer trolleys invade Tesco’s. Chamberlian declares war and sends in his task force across the car park... Read More »
Due to lack of bandwidth in this edition of our website, there is, regrettably, no room to give details about this weeks ‘Cornucopia Radio Show’ in the allotted amount of webspace available, due to the shortage of available data, except to say that the usual allocation is normally larger than... Read More »
In this, the very first show in a new six-part “Cornucopia Radio” series, our team of performers and writers get involved in many different and exciting situations while playing many different and exciting roles. They will also be doing many different and exciting characters and introducing numerous different and exciting sketches which are performed with... Read More »