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Stereotypes are an unfortunate part of our world and very hard to avoid. So let’s confront them directly and whilst we’re doing that, why don’t we play a little game together and see if we all share the same little petty viewpoints about people we know nothing about?

The rules are simple. We’re going to play four different games of ‘Guess Who’. However, rather than try to guess someone based on their physical attributes, we’re going to try and guess them using non-physical attributes. Things people think; things people do. These are the questions we’ll need to answer together

If the statement read out doesn’t match the person on the board, you can discount that person. The aim is to have one person left at the end of the game. If you want to play at home, you can use your own ‘Guess Who’ board; but if you don’t have one, download one using the link below:

We’ve created four YouTube videos below for you. Each one combining our video, radio and storytelling skills. We sincerely hope you enjoy this new addition to the work on our website. Feel free to add any YouTube comments, telling which character you ended up with, and whether we discounted anybody incorrectly.


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