I’ve never had any luck. Infact, my entire life has been plagued by bad luck. It just follows me around like a bad smell. I was born unlucky, and it’s followed me around ever since. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not bitter and I wouldn’t swap my life for the world, but couldn’t I have... Read More »
Life is full of stories, and whether we like it or not, they happen to us every day. Yes, these stories might sometimes turn out to be life changing events by themselves, but most of the time their impact is felt much smaller. This does not however lessen their importance. In fact, wouldn’t it be... Read More »
Stereotypes are an unfortunate part of our world and very hard to avoid. So let’s confront them directly and whilst we’re doing that, why don’t we play a little game together and see if we all share the same little petty viewpoints about people we know nothing about? The rules are simple. We’re going to... Read More »
Jeannie is an American citizen who relocated to Sheffield with her family several years ago and whose US driving license expired shortly after arrival. However, with 20 years of driving experience under her belt, she felt confident about obtaining a UK... Read More »
Jon is an uneducated but well read and cultured northern man, who has lived and worked in the same town all of his life. As the local and national economies take a turn for the worse, respected union man Jon is, to his surprise made redundant. As his town and friends start to crumble, Jon... Read More »
Have you ever stopped and wondered about the colour of the things that surround you? For example, have you ever thought about why an orange is called an orange? Was it named after the colour, or was the colour named after the fruit? Chances are you might not consider the colour of the life that... Read More »
Moments can occur when you least expect them, existing for only the briefest of instances; often leaving you wondering if such an experience could ever happen again. They might find you alone, happy, excited or regretful. But remember, they will find you…... Read More »
'The Long Journey' is a story about a man who sets out across a blizzard of snow in a vain attempt to reach a destination which he has no hope of ever reaching, but still he tries. Written by Ziemowit Holda (the story was originally called 'Sisyphus') and performed by Felix Orion, this work is a powerful examination of 'singular... Read More »
It had been a while. You'd spent time travelling the world as I'd occupied myself with mundanity. Since your return, it would be a lie to say we hadn't made the effort to meet up on one or two occasions, but we'd conceded to the need for a proper catch up, a weekend of quality time together was in... Read More »
My name is Maureen Atkin and I am a widowed Mother of five wonderful sons and will celebrate my 73rd birthday on New Years Eve. For over six and a quarter years I have been happily living in the Kirkhill Residential Care Home on Lowedges Road in Sheffield. I’m regarded as a prime example of how someone who has suffered so many severe bouts of the deepest depression, can, with encouragement, praise, and support, become, through sustained effort and sheer... Read More »
Graham Marshall uses this weeks 'Mind Labs' to tell us a heartbreaking true story about his life. One that until now; only a handful of people ever knew about. But today, on the airwaves of Sheffield Live! we can finally hear the remarkable tale of friendship, hope, courage, pencilcases and soup. Oh, so much... Read More »
This week we present a varied selection of short work from graduates of Sheffield Hallam's MA writing course; performed by local Sheffield actors and... Read More »