I suppose it was inevitable, me ending up here in this police cell. You might even say it was my destiny. You see ever since I was small, I’ve loved stories of heroes and magicians who’ve escaped from impossible places and incredible situations. Now here I am, inside such a place. It’s a bit ironic I guess. However; sometimes what you see isn’t necessarily what you see…

‘Thanks to Harry’ is a new production written by Phil Ryan from Storm-Productions and produced by the creative team here at ‘Cornucopia Radio’. It tells the tale of someone who uses his skills as a magician to help create a better life for himself, his friends and the woman he loves.

Read By: Ian Carter
Additional Voices: Graham Rodgers, Christopher Bellamy, Bev Mason, Anastasios Filactou, Vivienne Pettitt, Peter Beeston, Nick Card, Paul Kenny, Nick Draper and Owen York
Music By: Johnny Ripper from the album ‘Soundtrack For a Film That Doesn’t Exist’
Written by: Phil Ryan Produced and Edited by: Peter Beeston
This work is released under a Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported license

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